Friday, February 13, 2009

Muuuuuuuuuuah again! :)

Happpppppppy Valentine's manie!! Like, again!!! 'Cos I know we've already said this to each other some fortysix times thru Gtalk and Gmail and one blog and then another blog and then another... what the hell, I still mean it! Much lowe!! And total missings!!!!

...And a surprise gift! I'm coming to Chennai next weekend!!!!!! See you then!!! :)

Love you baby!

To the woman I love the most, after the ones in my immediate family!

I kept telling life a best friend was due
I knew the wait ended when I met you!
From sharing pastas, laptops, skirts and houses,
To Shilparam shopping and wearing sarees with makeshift blouses!
We hit on the same men and later conclude they're such a pain
You made these worthwhile: the kidney-shaped balloons and the bus stops in the rain!
After mocking our roomies, jobs, and ourselves coz we're shameless,
Hyderabad couldn't have been more fun for the homeless!
Skipping on the roads "Angel" we shout,
Like a miracle in Gurgaon, you appeared to bail me out!
With Gaya's terrace cryings and the burned down houses, I would've died of fright
But Main jaanti hoon Tu hai toh I'll be alright!
You make my life beautiful in your own special way
Love you baby!! Happy Valentine's day :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Our 'Jab we met' was at the airport when we almost missed the flight, but managed to board it way past the last minute! We didn't kick off well as friends initially (yeah, it was just the "hum toh sirf by the way friends hain" types). Only almost a year after we started living together, did we realize that we shared some common interests, and a common hatred for women-kind brought us closer together! Slowly we fell in.. err deep friendship and bondings. Now that I know am leaving the city soon, orey the love comes for her!

The day I wake up and find there is no bed opposite mine, and she isn't around to say 'Good morning" when I groan after the alarm's beep, I'll realize I don't have a life without Akx!

The Akx N' Me Times!

  1. Guessing the marital statuses of the cute guys on the road!
  2. Awwwing at the beautiful about-almost-a-foot-tall toddlers waiting for their school buses
  3. Walking into sphisticated restaurants and calling the men there 'Uncle!!'
  4. Taking a walk a little late in the night, along the rocky unmanned roads, and discussin how we could get raped
  5. The no-smoking-only-bitching breaks in the smoking zones.
  6. Coordinating pee breaks.
  7. Expecting to find cup cakes for breakfast at the cafe, on lousy mornings.
  8. Going around picking up people for lunch at work.
  9. Downing half a glass of water and getting high on it.
  10. Laughing on the faces of the amusing, but unexpecting souls in the lifts!
  11. Calendaring people to lunch with us, as part of our OKRs to convert them to vegetarianism.
  12. Projecting scary flicks in the conference halls on weekends and laughing till we have tears!
  13. Going through random blogs on the net and pinging each other the lines we liked.
  14. Standing up at each other's desk and seeing the other person standing there waiting for us!
  15. Hunting down icecreams in the office.
  16. Making noodles for dinner after watching movies at work.
  17. Confusing the pasta guy with the specifications and sharing the pasta out of the same plate!
  18. Waiting for a good 30 mins in the line for Sandwiches for each other without complaining!
  19. Walking around the office under the afternoon sun and observing how the wind blows our hair to our faces!
  20. Watching that-beautiful-white-mosque-in-the-distance from the office terrace.
  21. Walking on the huge pipes on the terrace and rushing down when the security uncle gets hyper!
  22. Punching every button in the radio hoping to listen to one good hindi song on our way back home in the nights.
  23. Getting up at 11 am on Sundays and realizing that we forgot to smuggle food from office for the weekend!
  24. Standing on our balcony, hoggin biscuits and associating a goosbumps story with all the neighbors, and screaming out in fear at the faintest sound around!
  25. Looking at the Gargantuan pillars with frustrating multicolored colors, on every floor, and complainign how they are an eye-sore.
  26. Looking at the car showrooms on our way back from the long night walks and deciding which car to buy!
  27. Circling the prospective houses on the Sunday editions' classifieds of DC and calling all of them from room Jughead!
  28. Admiring a man from all perspectives when he is single and adding him to our bitch-list after he starts dating someone else!
  29. Circling the Hussain Sagar at 9pm when its raining dogs and cats, with full determination to take only a bus back home!
  30. Hunting down people on Orkut and Facebook and knowing everything about them to the last detail!
  31. Climbing the mountains at Shilpa Ram, when the others just hang around on ground level shopping!
  32. Planning a date in Chennai for weeks before we run into each other's arms, shouting the exact same lines and scaring the unsuspecting public!!
  33. Taking photos in the office loos and seeing whose hands reach out longest to hold the camera!
  34. Staying back late to watch .. and eat Pizzas and get a T-shirt ;P
  35. Charting out detailed and flawless plans to increase our finances!
  36. Shopping in Koti for cheap books in the hopes of starting out the second-hand-book-sale raquet!
  37. Getting stranded on Banjara Hills Rd #1 and trying to locate random adresses, just because everyone in Hyderabad gives that as a landmark!
  38. Entering every other garments shop with the hopes of finding matching clothes for both of us!
  39. Planning forever to visit Ramoji Rao Film City!
  40. Mocking at the hostel cook for making Pongal for breakfast, only to reach office and find its the same thing there!
  41. Walking uphill in the mornings at 7 am discussing how the ads in the hoardings could have had a better concept!
  42. Sitting up on the beds on Sunday afternoons discussing all the people from each other's past!
  43. Looking at the ceiling in embarassment as all the TV channels play adult stuff, only when the maids come to clean the house!
  44. Sharing gyan about marriage and other realted things, when there is nothing better to do!
  45. Mixing and matching the clothes and accessories from all our wardrobes when its team dinner or offsite!
  46. Sitting on opposite beds in the same room and still using Gtalk to bitch!
  47. Eating icecreams on the wall near the car park, looking down at the cars and discussin how likely we are to fall in front of a starting car!
  48. Conspiring to marry men that live in the same city, so we can meet up for shopping after sending the husband to work!
  49. Continuing the same discussion and deciding that we would buy food and return home in time to welcome him, so he believes that dinner was made at home!
  50. Going to sleep every night and believing the next day would be Sunday!