Friday, February 13, 2009

Love you baby!

To the woman I love the most, after the ones in my immediate family!

I kept telling life a best friend was due
I knew the wait ended when I met you!
From sharing pastas, laptops, skirts and houses,
To Shilparam shopping and wearing sarees with makeshift blouses!
We hit on the same men and later conclude they're such a pain
You made these worthwhile: the kidney-shaped balloons and the bus stops in the rain!
After mocking our roomies, jobs, and ourselves coz we're shameless,
Hyderabad couldn't have been more fun for the homeless!
Skipping on the roads "Angel" we shout,
Like a miracle in Gurgaon, you appeared to bail me out!
With Gaya's terrace cryings and the burned down houses, I would've died of fright
But Main jaanti hoon Tu hai toh I'll be alright!
You make my life beautiful in your own special way
Love you baby!! Happy Valentine's day :-)